Helios Design

Helios is an award winning design practice led by Kate Gould who has been creating and implementing gardens at home and abroad since 1998.

Conveniently based near Wembley in NW London commissions are welcomed for all areas of London, the South East as well as much farther a field.

RHS Gold medal and best ‘Chic garden’ Chelsea Flower Show 2007
RHS Silver medal Chelsea Flower Show 2005


Helios grew from a passion from plants and in ten years has grown into a successful and busy practice working within a seo design company in stockport for private clients, architects and property developers as well as larger commercial ventures.

Whatever size and situation your garden each scheme is tailor made to suit your specific individual preferences paying particular attention to site and environmental concerns. The end result is always a close and careful collaboration between client and designer.

the way we work

We aim to be as flexible as possible to ensure that you have full control over your project.

We offer several tiers of service:

  • Design only – this allows you to find your own contractor or implement the scheme yourself.
  • Design and planting – this is our speciality. Once the messy work of the build is out of the way we can discuss your planting scheme in greater depth and should you wish arrange visits to nurseries so you can help chose your plants.
  • Associated products such as wrought iron gates and garden fences
  • Design, ongoing project management and consultation. This is the full works and provides a complete service from drawing board to finished garden.

Buying Handmade furnishings from furniture wholesalers

Buying is a form of trade where someone exchanges goods for monetary items or money. When it comes to furniture, there are deals from both the retailers and the wholesalers, and depending on a few factors; one is bound to make a decision as to which one to buy from first. Furniture for your home is the appliances that are for use around the house: sofa set, table, chairs, desks, stands and cupboards. They all are included in furniture category, and the question is; is it safe in buying from furniture wholesalers or buying from the furniture retailer? Buying from a furniture retailer is the better option, and the reasons are numerous.

The process of selecting the furniture wholesaler to buy the furniture from is a tricky step but with the guide below, it should not be much of an issue.

Designs from furniture wholesalers

    1. Cheaper cost

Wholesale traders offer the furniture items at a more reasonable cost than normal retailers do. They are able to cut down these costs because of transport costs are not payable by them but by the retailers. This forces the retailers to raise the price of the furniture to recover the cost. To buy from a wholesaler is at a fair cost than at a retailer and will save you some money that you can use on other items.

Sometimes, the furniture wholesalers issue lower prices to the buyers especially when clearing the stock. The fall of prices attracts more buyers and helps the wholesalers clear the old stock and be able to bring in new stock for the business to deal with.

2.After sale services

Due to capital constrains from the retailer’s side, buying furniture from some wholesalers will lift the burden of cost from you because they are able to give assistance in the transport as an after sale services. This is a primary advantage to the buyers of the furniture, and promotes the wholesale business by offering this service. Some wholesalers may not be offering this service; hence, it is advisable to enquire from the wholesaler if they offer this service.

3.Variety to choose from in the store

Wholesalers are a bigger version of retailers meaning that they deal with a huge stock of furniture items. The bigger the stock means, there exist a variety of furniture items that are in the hands of the wholesaler. The wholesaler avails the furniture items to you, the buyer, to select the type that suits you. Retailers have lesser stock meaning there is no large variety in the goods and you have to settle for the lesser option. Wholesalers have this added advantage and can help you in getting the right furniture, and not an estimate, just for you.

4.Brand uniformity

Modern day people tend to have a sense of uniformity in items from technology and clothing to now the trend spreading to furniture items. Wholesalers avail a variety of goods and this comes with the aspect of brand uniformity. Brand uniformity in furniture items is the ability of you to trust a specific brand to deal with all your furniture solutions. For example, choosing a company like Global Vision Direct Furniture means you will have sofa sets, tables, cupboards and wall units all from Global Vision Direct. This is available, by the wholesalers stock of items that they have in store.

5.Increase knowledge of the items

Wholesalers get items first hand from the manufacturers and this added advantage means that the professionals know all about the item you may want to buy. For the buyers who do not have their minds made up when at the store, they run through a detailed tour of the items and from there they are able to make a solid decision. The details help the buyer come to terms with the ideas he/she had in mind and settle for one or more products depending on the convincing done.


Coming from the above reasons, it is evident that buying from furniture wholesalers is of much advantage than buying anywhere else, to both you and to the wholesaler. Furniture from the wholesaler is first hand from the buyer and you can rely on the furniture that is straight from the buyer at the wholesaler premises.

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